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Team Topologies Book

Organising Business and Technology Teams for Fast Flow

by Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais

· Books,Business Strategy,DevOps,Agile,Digital Business

"To be able to take full advantage of technology, organisations must redesign jobs to focus on finding the human dimension of work. This will create new roles that we call "suberjobs" - jobs that combine parts of different traditional jobs into integrated roles that leverage the significant productivity and efficiency gains that can arise when people work with technology."

Deloitte, 2019 Global Human Capital Trends

This is one of the books I keep coming back. It is packed with useful, actionable material rounded up with use cases from best performing companies in business. The use cases are carefully selected to support the concept of optimal team structuring to deliver best in class software systems and products. The title may suggest this book is exclusively for a software delivery companies, however, it's an excellent source how to adopt the fundamental software development organisational principles and apply them in your organisation in the context of a sociotechnical system.

Thoroughly enjoyable and useful read. You can buy the book from here.

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