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Agile Enterprise Architecture, Part 1

Digital Business requires an Agile Enterprise Architecture function

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Digital and Big-Bang Disruption

In July 2016 a global pandemic broke out. Tiny monsters known as Pokémon suddenly appeared all over the world. Within the first week 7.5 million players downloaded the game and a week later, 28.5 million played for an average of 1.25 hours a day. However, 10 weeks it was game over for Pokémon, resulting in loss of 15 million players within just a month along with $6.7 billion in value for Nintendo.

Similar stories happened to other big-bang disruptors like GoPro, Fitbit and others some of them still going but many closing their operations for good.

These are just reminders that unencumbered development, unconstrained growth and undisciplined strategy Big-Bang Disruption are inevitably detrimental to businesses of any type, whether a lean startup or an established enterprise.

Digital has created a new curve of market adoption that is disrupting the traditional way of doing business and requires a more faster and efficient approach to technology-driven innovation.

Image source: HBR

The digital aspect (in red) is largely compressed, and new products are perfected with a few trial users and then are embraced quickly by the vast majority of the market.

Rebuilding Traditional Enterprise

For business leaders of traditional enterprises, competing with genuinely digital rivals involves more than deploying modern software, understanding data algorithms, and experimenting with application development. It requires rearchitecting the organisation's business, technology, information and operating model. Also, enterprise architecture's engagement areas with Business Stakeholders, Solution Delivery Teams, and Solution Architects are key to proactively engage multiple key stakeholders to drive a unified vision across domains and achieve business outcomes.

“The goal of architecture was to create the right emergent behavioursAdrian Cockcroft on his experience at Netflix

Enterprise Architecture conveniently sits between Business, Technology and Data and it's primed to execute a critical role in delivering continuous, tangible value to the business. Here is an attempt to stitch up a 3D model with the Agile Enterprise Architecture as a core.

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In the following parts I will be expanding on the 3D model above, and value delivery chain, Agile Enterprise Architecture is organised around. Hope the part 1 has been cohesive enough! Stay tuned.